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The Lakes Region Sled Dog Club manages one race each year, The World Championship Sled Dog Derby. This effort is made possible wholly through the donations made by the Good Citizens and Businesses surrounding the Lakes Region and some beyond our borders.   I also would like to thank the City of Laconia for their support and assistance to the race. 

Our Auction Fund Raiser takes place annually on the Thursday following Thanksgiving.  The Auction information is shown on our site and I urge you to take a look at all the donations provided in support of this Event and become patrons of the businesses involved.

Many out of state people flock to our area to witness the dog teams, with as many as 18 dogs on a team, as they pull their driver and sled along the 16 mile trail.  It is a beautiful site to see, and one sport that I have been involved in my entire life.

I hope you will join me in welcoming the Mushers and please, if you can help support our race with a small donation of your own, or simply purchasing a hat or sweatshirt at the Start/Finish Line on race day, you will help keep THE GREATEST SHOW ON SNOW an annual event for years to come.

Thank you,

Jim Lyman, President
Lakes Region Sled Dog Club

Donations can be sent to:
                             P. O. Box 341
                             Laconia, NH  03247

For those who wish to sponsor a team CLICK HERE


FOR THE ACTIVE SPECTATOR:  The trail crew is always looking for assistance out on the trail.  Much of that help is needed at the many road crossings along the way. There are spotter points that  will be marked for volunteers to be situated to call “TEAM” to give a warning to the crossing guards to stop traffic. Please stop by at the start/finish line 1 hour prior to the race and let Jim Lyman or a trail crew member know you wish to help.